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Roma ITALIAN LANGUAGE COURSES IN ROME●since 2003 Preparation Centre for Celi/Plida/Cils Certification

Via Muzio Clementi, 18 Piano 1/int.3 Roma

(Metro A: Flaminio/Lepanto)


2021/22: The COURSES are in PRESENCE with the GREEN CARD

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Our QUALITY Promise

● Classes with a maximum of 6 same level students.

Sixty minutes per lesson.

● Our Fast learning Method allows outstanding achievement within a little time.

● One free trial lesson, is available before enrolment.

No payment in advance.



The Ordinary, Crash and Celi/Plida/Cils Certification Courses
are open.
It's time to enroll!



Quality Courses ® WHAT WE OFFER

Ordinary 4 hours a week (2, 3 or six months)

Intensive 4 hours a day (2 or 4 weeks)

Our school is open from Monday to Friday non-stop from 8.30 to 19 all year long, including August. In our school you will find kind, professional and qualified teachers.
The courses at every level start every week.

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Linguistic structures can be mainly explained away by logic and history, hence it is through logic and history that we help our students to understand the Italian language rules and quirks, in a way that boosts the learning process.

During the lessons, the whole set of linguistic abilities, which include conversation, reading, composition, listening and dictation will be naturally and smoothly developed.

Our students remember and learn faster because they understand thoroughly.

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Quality Courses ® QUALITY OF RESULTS

Our students who have submitted to Certification examinations, have always passed the examination with brilliant results.

Every diligent student will easily notice his learning progress and improvement after a few lessons.

Our students enjoy studying in our school and keep coming back to continue their further study with us.

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We love the Italian language and have started this school even for the pleasure of spreading the language and culture of our own country. We make a point in preserving the original wealth of the Italian language, which is being affected and corrupted by the media.

We have a very good knowledge of the grammar and no question ever remains unanswered.

We are experienced teachers. We have been teaching Italian for years abroad and in Italy.

All of us are native Italian speakers with degree taken in the best Italian Universities.

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Quality Courses ® OUR STUDENTS

We pride ourselves in having quality students, not just customers.

Our students will fall deeply in love with the Italian language, and once the courses are over, will go on practicing and studying it.


Quality Courses ® WE AND THE OTHERS

We hold ourselves outside of the ‘Big School circuit’, which is ruled by the market laws: we care about our students, their achievements in the Italian language are our treasures.

We don’t spend much on advertising, this is why our prices stay on the low side.

Our students come to us mainly by word of mouth, often deserting other schools overcrowded classes.

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Look for quality courses: don’t waste your time and money.

Advanced payment is not recommended. Before enrolling in a course, you may ask for a trial lesson. After the trial, you can make up your mind. If you don’t like the school you can easily find a better one.

Pay attention! Many schools give lessons which last 45 minutes and the class is formed by 10-12 students of different levels (beginners with advanced!). Sometimes you are promised 12 but then you get staved into 18-20 student groups.

Always ask the cost of the registration fee, and if books, preliminary test, final test with certificate are included.

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